• Project Name : Vaditepe Bahçeşehir
    Project Location : Bahçeşehir / Istanbul / TURKEY
    Project Content : 510 Apartments
    Commencement Date : October 23rd, 2013
    Completion Date : October 10th, 2015
    Project Cost : 211,000,000 Turkish Lira

    The New "Neighborhood" Culture of Modern Life!
    Vaditepe Bahçeşehir, being brought into being in the most valuable and largest area in Bahçeşehir, adds a new perspective to the cosy neighborhood culture which we all miss, with its peculiar style in the city phenomenon of modern life. It offers you a living amidst nature in the city. Kiptaş, which takes offering modern creations to Istanbul as a mission, enables a new life in Başakşehir which has been going through a planned growth for the last 15 years as a model satellite town.
    Last Touch on a Picturesque City..
    Having 4,000 apartments in various dimensions, with its large roads of historical remnants, organized landscape areas, shopping streets, living areas looking to Bahçeşehir lagoon and Küçükçekmece Lake, Vaditepe is a new life center where everyone will feel home..
    Harmony of Different Styles
    With 4000 apartments of various options from 1+1 bedrooms to 5+2, Vaditepe has an architectural design appealing to everyone and every taste.
    At what floor does happiness live?
    If you wish, you can enjoy your garden in 5-storey mansion style blocks, or the landscape of lake from multi-storey blocks.
    Show Glasses Reflect the Gleam of Vaditepe
    A commercial area occupying a 25,000 squaremeter in Bahçeşehir Vaditepe, very chic outlets, cafes, restaurants await you to please your days in your new home.
    Whatever You Look For, It's in Vaditepe!
    All social facilities are at your elbow. Mosques, schools, supermarkets, open sports fields, playgrounds are all at your disposal in Vaditepe Bahçeşehir.
    Security Without Detachment From Life
    Our main security approach in Vaditepe Bahçeşehir does not involve providing security by detaching you from life, but provide a security of a "living project"! With a 24/7 CCTV system and a team of security experts, you will always feel peace in your home.

    • B Block 2+1 Gross 137 sqm
    • C Block 2+1 Gross 121 sqm (Middle)
    • C Block 2+1 Gross 121 sqm (Corner)
    • E Block 2+1 Gross 155 sqm
    • F Block 2+1 Gross 118 sqm (Middle)
    • A Block 3+1 Gross 174 sqm
    • B Block 3+1 Gross 164 sqm
    • E Block 3+1 Gross 175 sqm
    • F Block 3+1 Gross 163 sqm
    • G Block 3+1 Gross 170 sqm
    • A Block 4+1 Gross 202 sqm
    • G Block 4+1 Gross 194 sqm
    • D Block 5+1 Gross 252 sqm
    • G Block 5+2 Gross 340 sqm (Loft)
  • You can get detailed information on the price list, payment options and credits from the sales office.
    +90 (212) 428 88 00
  • Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım Mh. Bahçeşehir / Istanbul / TURKEY

  • Address  : Seyitnizam Mah. Gümüşsuyu Davutpaşa Cad. No:17/1
       Zeytinburnu / Istanbul / TURKEY
    Telephone  : +90 212 428 88 00
    Email  :

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