• Project Name : Konakkale Bosphorus
    Project Location : Kepez / Çanakkale / TURKEY
    Project Content : 237 Apartments, 8 Outlets
    Commencement Date : March 30th, 2011
    Completion Date : August 25th, 2013
    Project Cost : 52,000,000 Turkish Lira

    "First Class Living.."
    Çanakkale has met the first life center in high living standards. With its unique location, the modern architecture, large landscape areas, fitness center, sauna, Turkish Bath, swimming pool, basketball field, skateboard park, playgrounds, cafes and many other privileges, Konakkale Bosphorus has changed Çanakkale's appearence..
    You Define Your Own Living Standards..
    Waking up to each new day with the unique blueness of the Dardanelles, Konakkale Bosphorus opens the door for you for a distinguished life.
    First Class Options..
    Having 237 apartments with various options from 1+1 bedrooms to 5+1, Konakkale Bosphorus has an architectural design appealing everyone and every taste.
    Enchantment In A Mansion Seeing The Dardanelles..
    With a location overlooking the Dardanelles, Konakkale Bosphorus invites the imcomparable blueness of the sea to your house each hour of the day.
    You Are In The Center "Every Way"..
    Built in Kepez, the distinguished center of Çanakkale, Konakkale Bosphorus offers an unexampled commuting privilege to each way.
    1,6 kms to Kipa Shopping Mall, 1,3 kms to Çanakkale March 18th University, 4,5 kms to the Airport, 2 kms to the University Hospital, next to the largest in Çanakkale and the only hospital in the region, in Konakkale Bosphorus you will feel yourself right at the center of Çanakkale.
    Beauity Is Permeated In Its Soul..
    With its distinguished and modern architectural concept and tasteful design, Konakkale Bosphorus colors Çanakkale's silhouette.
    Comfort Is Hidden In Details..
    The first life center in high living standards in Çanakkale and the most qualified project in the region, Konakkale Bosphorus offers you all the privileges of a modern life center. From its architectural concept to the large green areas, social living areas, indoor parking lots, swimming pool and playgrounds, many privileges await you in Konakkale Bosphorus.
    Peace Is In Its Nature..
    We saw fit the sea's blue for the nature's green, and we reserved 85% of Konakkale Bosphorus for green areas. With its landscape areas where you can find tens of tons of green in each corner, in Konakkale Bosphorus you will feel the nature's relaxing rhythm each moment.
    Another Pleasure In Each Step..
    Konakkale Bosphorus has been designed such that you can enjoy your life every moment. It is up to you to pick among the many privileges which turn life into a feast. Fitness center, sauna, Turkish Bath, swimming pool, basketball field, walking trails, skateboarding park, decorative pool, waterfall, Süs Havuzu, Şelale, sitting areas and cafes are some of these privileges..
    We Establish Trust..
    Your security is provided 24/7 in Konakkale Bosphorus. With a well-trained security team, controlled entrance-exit system, visual intercom and controlled security camera system, we established a peaceful and secure place for you in Konakkale Bosphorus.
    We "Energise" Çanakkale..
    We have secured comfort in Konakkale Bosphorus. Compliant to the current earthquake regulations, the life you seek has been established on a steadfast foundation in Konakkale Bosphorus built by radiogeneral foundation and conventional formwork systems.
    A Distinguished Life Emerges..
    Our swimming pool is at your disposal any time for you to unwind the daily stress. In Konakkale Bosphorus' swimming pool, you can enjoy beverages while sun-bathing if you wish and you can swim towards a pleasurable life.
    Game Just Starts Now..
    In Konakkale Bosphorus, we haven't forgotten kids. For the little heroes of Konakkale Bosphorus, we have built a barrel-of-fun world. For them, the game just starts now.
    We Move Confrot To The Shopglasses..
    Everything you may need is available to you in Konakkale Bosphorus. Shopping in the shops next to the buildings in Konakkale Bosphorus turns into an unparalelled pleasure.

    • 1+1 Gross 61,81 sqm
    • 2+1 Gross 132,52 sqm
    • 2+1 Gross 106,83 sqm
    • 2+1 Gross 106,92 sqm
    • 3+1 Gross 148,30 sqm
    • 3+1 Gross 152,14 sqm
    • 3+1 Gross 155,48 sqm
    • 3+1 Gross 163,47 sqm
    • 4+1 Gross 180,62 sqm
    • 4+1 Gross 191,03 sqm
    • 4+1 Gross 185 sqm
    • 4+1 Gross 165,73 sqm
  • The list of available apartments in our completed project and the price list are being prepared. Please visit again in a couple of days.
  • Hamidiye Mh. Hüseyin Akif Terzioğlu Cd. No:16 Kepez / Çanakkale / TURKEY

  • Address  : Hamidiye Mh. H.Akif Terzioğlu Cd. No:16 Kepez / Çanakkale / TURKEY
    Telephone  : 444 45 43 (From anywhere in Turkey)
    Email  : info@konakkale.com.tr

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