• Project Name : Ergene Vadisi
    Project Location : Çorlu / Tekirdağ / TURKEY
    Project Content : 1296 Apartments, 76 Outlets
    Commencement Date : November 15th, 2007
    Completion Date : November 16th, 2009
    Project Cost : 160,000,000 Turkish Lira

    Everything you'd expect from life..
    Ergene Vadisi is a sample project that offers contemporary architecture, quality, comfort, health, safety, happines, convenience and peace all in the same breath, far beyond the expectations from a housing project. In other words, Ergene Vadisi is a brand new and exclusive "Life Concept".
    Quality, Comfort and Privilege..
    Buildings in Ergene Vadisi are constructed by using soil investigation reports and projects approved by Istanbul Technical University using the newest technology and Raft foundation, tunnel and form systems.
    Aesthetics is in the lead role of your living space..
    You should be proud of where you live .. Architectural style and harmony of Ergene Vadisi hints itself from the entrance door to the smallest corners of your apartment. Spaces which have been designed by interior designers who are expert on their field offers myriads details those make you feel that you are in a warm, privileged and pleasant ambiance. Spacious, peaceful, harmonious and functional..
    Everything you'd expect of a modern city life..
    Beside its all privileges, Ergene Vadisi offers many extra privileges as well. 76 shops in 6 different unites which sell distinguished brand are at your side. You are also very close to important shopping centers duch as Carrefour, Kipa etc.
    Within the project you will be given a modern primary school will provide you the opportunity to see your children while they go to school. Also next to buildings, There is an indoor sport complex which has been built by TOKI, open sport complexes, culture park, health facility units and green spaces will provide everything you need. In short, everything you'd expect from a modern city concept is in Ergene Vadisi..
    Everything you would expect of green, blue, a gleaming environment..
    Ergene Vadisi offers a four-season life in touch with nature under a clear blue sky embellished with green trees and colorful flowers.
    83% of project space of Ergene Vadisi has been reserved for nature, water and social living space to provide you better conditions to enjoy your life. Ergene Vadisi, where green and blue intertwines..
    Everything you'd expect from a healthy and enjoyable life..
    If your dream is to have a home whichprovide a place for sports, swimming, hiking and custom bike paths to ride a bicycle, cafe, vitamin bar, Turkish Bath, fitness center, sauna, and your children safely play, this dream turnes true now..
    Ergene Vadisi's safe, funny and exciting adventure begins now. Health, sports, leisure and entertainment; everything you desire, in Ergene Vadisi..
    Everything you'd expect from safety..
    Ergene Vadisi is product of an expert architecture and unique design..
    A wal l-aesthetic and lighted, providing excellency and safety for residents- surrounds the Ergene Vadisi without isolating it from outer life.
    Ergene Vadisi's entrances, exits and common areas are controlled by cameras for 24 hours. Security team can be contacted by intercom system with camera and when your guests ring the bell, entrance of block can be displayed..
    Ergene Vadisi, new address of safety..
    Everything you'd expect from peace..
    Now, after you parked your car, there is no problem! After shopping, directly come to elevator from covered parking place and push the button of the floor where your apartment is located.
    You deserve to live in a more tranquil and peaceful environment..
    The special sound insulation between floors in Ergene Vadisi helps you to live in peace.
    Ergene Vadisi, the new address of peace..
    (*) All apartments in A6, B, C ve D blocks have indoor parking places. An open parking place is also designed for guests.

    • 1+1 Gross 60 m²
    • 3+1 Gross 133,30
    • 5+1 Gross 176,27 m²
  • The project is sold out. Thank you for your interest in Ergene Vadisi.
  • Emlak Konutları Bölgesi Adnan Doğu Caddesi, Esentepe / Çorlu / Tekirdağ / TURKEY

  • Address  : Emlak Konutları Bölgesi Adnan Doğu Caddesi
       Esentepe / Çorlu / Tekirdağ / TURKEY
    Telephone  : +90 (282) 673 17 47
    Email  :

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