Support from TÜBİTAK for the “DeckLander” Project

TEUSAN, Landing Area Detection Project, covers the accidents that may occur during landing for vertical landing/take-off manned or unmanned aerial vehicles in the military and civil aviation sector. This project, which will be developed locally and nationally, aims to increase international competition and export capacities.

We congratulate TEUSAN and its team, who have adopted the vision of serving the whole world with high technology and value-added products in the fields of communication, health, and aviation.

25 January 2022

Industry and Technology Minister Varank Received Information About Domestic Telemedic Device

T.C. The Minister of Industry and Technology, Mr. Mustafa Varank, received information from Mahmut DERELİ, president of TORKAM Holding, about the Mobile Patient Monitor “TM01”, which is the trending Telemedic device.

“TM01”, produced locally and nationally in Turkey by our technology company, TEUSAN Technology and Space Industry Inc., can measure 12 different medical data and instantly transfer it to the doctor’s screen online. Telemedic Mobile Patient Monitor “TM01”, has the distinction of being the first in Turkey and the world in terms of its capacity and features.

18 January 2022

Hannover, Germany Construction Site

TORKAM Holding president Mahmut Dereli visited our ongoing project in Hannover, Germany. Mahmut DERELİ, who shared his evaluations after receiving information about the project, said, “As TORKAM, we carry out many projects in Europe, I congratulate our teams in our project in Hannover for their careful work.”

18 December 2021

Visit to Konya Seydişehir

TORKAM Holding president Mahmut Dereli and the accompanying delegation visited Konya Seydişehir Mayor Mehmet Tutal.

17 December 2021

Investment in the Health Sector “Healthtech”

TORKAM invests in the “Healthech” industry, in order to strength its telemedic technology investments worldwide.

The bulutklinik project brings patients and doctors online together using the telemedicine function. Now Bulutklinik would like to establish its regional competence in the health sector worldwide!

We are pleased to be participating in the “Digital Hospital” project as an institutional investor with Tohum Holding, Kuralkan Holding and ITU Teknokent under the leadership of KT Portfolio, which is the venture capital fund of Kuveyt Türk Bank.

We wish the founders of the Bulutklinik, Yusuf GÜLEÇ and Ali Hulusi Ölmez success and as TORKAM Holding, we are pleased with our new cooperation.

29 November 2021

DERELİ, Chairman of the Executive Board, Met with the President of Congo

Mahmut DERELİ, president of TORKAM Holding, met with President of Democratic Republic of the Congo Félix TSHİSEKEDİ, who paid a visit to Istanbul.

DERELİ and TSHİSEKEDİ talked about their projects within the framework of agreements made in the fields of social housing, real estate development and general mining with a total of 7.8 billion dollars.

16 September 2021

Big Investment in Technology

Turning the pandemic process into an advantage, TORKAM Holding established TEUSAN Technology and Space Industry Inc., operating in the field of technology, in April 2020.

Accelerating its R&D studies in the fields of medical and unmanned aerial vehicles, TEUSAN developed the prototype “TM01“, a medical “telemedic” device.

7 September 2021

Our Projects in Germany

Our president, Mr. Mahmut DERELİ, visited the school project, which is under construction in Nuremberg, Germany.

Mahmut DERELİ, who shared her evaluations after receiving information from the project authorities, said, “I congratulate our teams in Germany for their efforts and careful work. As TORKAM, we carry out a total of 7 projects in Germany, one of the important countries of Europe, and we will continue to grow.”

28 June 2021

“Gift Caravan” on the Road to Azerbaijan

A truck full of traditional games to be sent to the children of martyrs and veterans in the Karabakh War departed from Ankara to the city of Tovuz. Organized by the Federation of Children’s Games and Sports Clubs, T.C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and T.C. As TORKAM Holding, we are very happy to sponsor the “Gift Caravan” project through the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

We are grateful for every moment we have the opportunity to make our children happy.

31 May 2021

Mayor of Konya Seydişehir Visited TORKAM

Honorable Mayor of Konya Seydişehir, Mr. Mehmet Tutal and Business Person from Germany, Mr. Mevlüt Özdemir and İsmail Özdemir visited our TORKAM Holding Head Office.

27 May 2021

TORKAM Germany Office

T.C. Nuremberg General Consul Mr. Serdar Deniz, Munich Commercial Attache Mr. Ertem Çoban and MUSIAD President Nuremberg Mr. Haluk Dokur visited our company operating in Nuremberg, Germany.

6 May 2021

Visit to Algerian Ambassador Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş

Our president, Mr. Mahmut Dereli, visited his local partner Mr. Ali Kessab and the Turkish Ambassador to Algeria, Mr. Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş in her office and exchanged information about our business in Algeria.

22 February 2021

2250 Social Housing Project – Algeria

Our president, Mahmut Dereli visited our 2250 social housing project, which is under construction in Algeria and is at the level of 85% and received information from our country representative Adem Dinçtürk and our technical coordinator Serkan Başel.

20 February 2021

1900 Social Housing Project was Successfully Completed

TORKAM Holding has completed 1900 social housing projects to the AADL institution in Algeria and delivered them to the beneficiaries.

20 February 2021

Şehit Yunus Mermer Mosque Opening

“Şehit Yunus Mermer Mosque” located in our Temaşehir Konya Project and dedicated to Martyr Yunus Mermer after its construction was completed by TORKAM İnşaat; was opened to worship with the presence of Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum, Istanbul Deputy Vedat Demiröz, Konya Governor Vahdettin Özkan, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay, Meram District Governor Resul Çelik, Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavuş and TORKAM Holding Chairman of the Board Mr. Mahmut Dereli and our Martyr’s Mother, Father and family members.

15 January 2021

TORKAM Invested in a Software Project

TORKAM Holding became the institutional investor of Akaunting, which offers free open-source online accounting program to SMEs. Akaunting aims to use its follow-up investment to expand the range of services in the application platform it offers to users and to open to different markets by giving importance to localization.

14 January 2021

7.8 Billion Dollar Agreement in Africa

TORKAM Holding and the Democratic Republic of Congo signed an 7,8-billion-dollar agreement which includes social housing, real estate development and general mining areas.

16 December 2020

Temaşehir Konya Project Visit

Our project, which is the executive production of Meram, which is a part of Konya, was purchased by our president, Mr. Mahmut DERELİ.

19 June 2020

TORKAM E5 Sefakoy Visit

Our TORKAM E5 Sefaköy construction site was visited by our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Mahmut DERELİ.

01 February 2020

Visit to Housing and Hotel Construction Sites in Algeria

Within the scope of foreign investments of TORKAM İnşaat ve Yatırım A.Ş., our residence and hotel construction sites in Algeria were visited by our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Mahmut DERELİ.

11 December 2018

900 Million TL Investment from TORKAM to Sefaköy

TORKAM Construction – TOKİ Partnership, which bought the land located at the location connecting Florya and Sefaköy with a revenue sharing model from TOKİ for 900 million TL, will develop and construct the TORKAM E5 project on a 20 thousand 776 square meter land next to the E5 Highway.

31 July 2017

President’s “Temaşehir Konya” Message

“We won the project tender by placing the highest bid. On this occasion, we will bring more than 700 million Temaşehir Konya investments to Konya, which is the dynamic city of Anatolia.

On the other hand, we will make a significant contribution to the public with the revenue share with Emlak Konut, which is a state enterprise. Beyond an important housing project, we will have brought a different concept and a product with high brand value to Konya.

As TORKAM, all our efforts are to bring a qualified living center to Konya and creating a job worthy of the Emlak Konut brand.

We will announce the launch date as soon as possible to our housing purchasers who are interested in, follow and contact us in our project, and I ask them to be a little more patient in this regard.”

Mahmut DERELİ / President

17 March 2017