17 March 2016

"We won the project tender with the highest bid. On this occasion, we will invest 700 million to the dynamic city of Anatolia, Konya, for the project Temaşehir Konya. On the other hand, with the revenue share model we will give to Emlak Konut which is a public organization a significant contribution.

Beyond an important housing project, we will brought a product with a different concept and brand value to Konya.

As Torkam İnşaat, all our efforts are to bring a qualified life center to Konya by creating a work that suits the Emlak Konut brand.

We will announce the launch date as soon as possible to our housing buyers who are interested in our project, follow up and reach us, I kindly ask them to be a little bit more patient in this regard."

Mahmut DERELİ / Chief Executive Officer